Energy Audits and Feasibility Studies

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We perform energy audits and feasibility studies to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. BTU Engineers offers wide range of energy audit services based on client needs and budget.

The energy audit is the first step in the retrofit process and consists of the following: an initial data collection phase; an-on site evaluation of the building’s HVAC, lighting, envelope, domestic hot water, and any process equipment and a detailed assessment of the building’s health and safety; computer-assisted energy modeling and/or excel calculation; and a complete report of cost-effective energy-saving recommendations. BTU Engineers can also provide detailed specifications for the upgrade/installation of new energy-efficient equipment that meets the recommendations of the audit report.

BTU’s staff members have performed extensive energy audits for the following programs:
1. Los Angeles Commercial Building Performance Partnership Program
2. Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP)

We also perform following audit services for individual clients:
1. ASHRAE Level I – Walk-through Analysis
2. ASHRAE Level II – Energy Survey and Engineering Analysis
3. ASHRAE Level III – Detailed Analysis of Capital Projects
4. Targeted Energy Audits (targeting specific systems, e.g. chilled water plants)
5. Audits for SBA 504 Loan