Hospitals and Labs Centers
1. Edwards LifeSciences Expansion Project – Building B
2. California Air Resources Board – Chemistry Building
3. Mission City Community Network Clinic, Various Location
Medical Office and Office Buildings
1. Contract Service Administration Trust Fund, CA
2. Illumination Entertainment, CA
3. Netflix HQ, CA
4. Live Nation Entertainment, CA
5. Sinclair Tennis Channel, CA
Multi-Family Buildings
1. 4070 Jackson Street, CA
2. Nesbro Apartments, CA

Retail and Mall
1. Rite Aid, CA
2. Culver City Mall, CA
3. Westar Associates Mall, CA
4. Nordstrom Rack, CA
5. Walmart, CA
Industrial Facilities
1. Custom Sensors Technologies, CA
2. Western Pre-Cooling, CA
Institutional Facilities
1. University of California Santa Barbara, CA
2. Pasadena City College, CA
3. Lawndale High School, CA
4. Pepperdine University, CA
Platform Project