LEED Commissioning

BTU Engineer’s team provides the LEED commissioning service necessary to certify under United States Green Building Council (USGBC). We are independent from the design and construction team, so we provide valuable services to the owners. Our staff have involved in numerous LEED projects.

BTU Engineer’s staff involved in numerous LEED-NC, LEED-CS & LEED-CI projects across the country. Our intent is to reduce the change of orders, improve indoor air quality and energy efficiency at the same time meet the owner project requirements document. We work with everyone on the project team to keep the project on track and to meet the project goals. LEED Commissioning scope typically involves commissioning these systems:

1. HVAC Systems and its Controls
2 Lighting and Daylight Controls
3. Domestic Hot Water Systems
4. Renewable Energy Systems

Please call email us at info@btuengineers.com or call us at 310.684.3503 for LEED Commissioning Services.

Deckers Pic 2Deckers Outdoor Corp. – LEED Cx

Front ImagePen Factory – LEED Cx

Front Bldg Image10 W Walnut- LEED Cx