Existing Building Commissioning

Existing buildings consume more than its required energy. Retro-commissioning (RCx) is a systematic, documented process that identifies low-cost operational and maintenance improvements in existing buildings and brings the buildings up to the design intentions of its current energy usage. Our team have involved in various RCx projects and worked with local utility companies to reduce energy as well as improve indoor air quality in existing buildings. We currently provide retro-commissioning services in the Los Angeles, CA and San Diego, CA.

Our team members use high efficient tools to identify the energy savings in an existing building. BTU Engineers have standalone data loggers and use software’s like MATLAB and other recognized industry tools to quantify energy savings. Our team members helped owners in receiving rebates. Most RCx programs are no cost to building owners.

Our RCx Approach:
We work with utilities on RCx programs, so we comply with their scope of work. Our customized RCx audit includes auditing the entire building including a study of past three year utility bills, developing Energy Star benchmarking and interviews with facility personnel. Then diagnostic monitoring and functional tests of building systems are executed and analyzed. Building systems are retested and remonitored to fine-tune improvements. This process helps find and repair operational problems. The identification of more complex problems is presented to the owner as well. A final report, recommissioning plan and schedule are then given to the owner. Training will be provided to the building operators on how to operate and maintain the equipments efficiently.

Monitoring Based Commissioning (MBCx):
Monitoring based commissioning is an energy study developed by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the study relies on measurements of energy use to diagnose problems, account for savings and help ensure that energy savings persist over time. Our goal of this study is to ensure that energy savings are maintained over time and at the same time maintaining and improving a building’s environmental profile. Our study will also provide building owners to make informed, effective energy decisions.