Energy Audits and Feasibility Studies

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We perform energy audits and feasibility studies to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. BTU Engineers offers a wide range of energy audit services based on client needs and budgets.

The energy audit is the first step in the retrofit process and consists of the following: an initial data collection phase; an-on site evaluation of the building’s HVAC, lighting, envelope, domestic hot water, and any process equipment and a detailed assessment of the building’s health and safety; computer-assisted energy modeling and excel calculation; and a complete report of cost-effective energy-saving recommendations. BTU Engineers can also provide detailed specifications for the upgrade/installation of new energy-efficient equipment that meets the audit report’s recommendations.

BTU’s staff members have performed extensive energy audits for the following programs:
1. Los Angeles Commercial Building Performance Partnership Program
2. Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP)

We also perform the following audit services for individual clients:
1. ASHRAE Level I – Walk-through Analysis
2. ASHRAE Level II – Energy Survey and Engineering Analysis
3. ASHRAE Level III – Detailed Analysis of Capital Projects
4. Targeted Energy Audits (targeting specific systems, e.g. chilled water plants)
5. Audits for SBA 504 Loan