Energy Audits_Century Boulevard Building

Baseline Energy Use
18,148 MMBTU

Annual Energy Savings
3,113 MMBTU

Annual Cost Savings
$152,866 (includes water savings)

Simple Pay Back
4.7 years

Building Area
722,207 SF

Date of Completion
September 2014

Exhasut Fan IRExhaust Fan Infrared Image


Project Overview

BTU Engineers worked on a building located on Century Boulevard in Westchester, CA. The building consists of 17 stories, and the total area is approximately 722,207 sq. ft. for this facility. This building is primarily an office area. There are four below-grade parking floors beneath the first floor. The first floor lobby consists of a deli and a small gift store. Other floors from the 2nd thru 17th are primarily office suites. The building was initially built in 1982 and occupied in 1989.

BTU Engineers performed an energy audit under the LADWP EETAP Program.